Database Programmer Interview Questions

  1. Tell us your experience as a Database Programmer? Name the organizations you have worked with?
  2. Do you think you are able to work under stressful conditions? Can you work in a team?
  3. What is the method to find out that how many users are currently logged into a database?
  4. Discuss attributes? How many virtual attributes are there in database system?
  5. What is an object group and container? Explain the procedure to form container?
  6. State the difference between OLE container and OLE server?
  7. Explain database instance? What is database role? Explain the procedure to reduce network traffic?
  8. Which are the distributed options available in database and what is the benefit to distribute options in database?
  9. What is “A fast database retrieval date” a testable requirement?
  10. Explain coordination event? How do you create a trigger associated with an image?
  11. Explain the difference between a call form and open form?
  12. What is data parameter type? When you can use these parameters?

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