Database Testing Interview Questions

  1. Let us talk about your resume? Tell us three positive and negative points of your resume?
  2. What are you academic qualifications? How do you rate your experience in Database Testing field?
  3. Which leading companies have you worked with till date in the department of Database Testing?
  4. Why Database Testing is important before launch a new database? How do you deal with the errors being caught during Database Testing?
  5. Explain the method to load data in Database Testing? What are the different tools used in Database Testing?
  6. What do you check usually in Database Testing? How do you write a test case for Database Testing?
  7. If you find any serious error while testing a database, how would you update or rewrite certain commands?
  8. How can you ensure that a trigger is being fired in Database Testing?
  9. You can ask if you have any query regarding job profile.
  10. When would you like to join us?

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