Day Care Job Interview Questions

  1. Tell us more about the types of jobs you have worked so far.
  2. Which was the most memorable event in any of these jobs?
  3. In a day care job, which is that one thing which is the vital prerequisite to fulfill the job obligation?
  4. Give us one example from your previous day care job where one of the patron got almost second lease of life because of your prompt reaction?
  5. How do you think you will handle a scene when the people inside the day care premises have become violent and unruly?
  6. How many hours are you willing to devote for the job?
  7. What will be your salary criteria?
  8. Elders need a special care in a day care home. Do you agree?
  9. What are the essential requirements for this job?
  10. Are you ready to work in a night shift environment?
  11. Would you like to let us know anything else about yourself?

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