Dental Assistant Job Interview Questions

  1. Share your experience of working with your previous hospital? What did you learn from your earlier association?
  2. Tell us about your training, qualifications related to dental associations you have worked with?
  3. How will you deal with an annoyed patient and give him treatment peacefully?
  4. How many languages you can speak?
  5. Our job is bit different in amount of responsibilities and in working manner? How do you cope up with changed environment?
  6. As per your designation you need to pay attention towards billing and recording dental services performance equally? Do you think you can handle additional responsibilities with your job?
  7. You have individual experience of working. Will you be comfortable with working in a team?
  8. Can you assure us that you prevent errors and miscommunication regarding patient records and reports?
  9. In the absence of the senior how will you plan the strategy to manage work and distribute duties in your team?
  10. How do your communication skills will help our dental association to grow?

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