Director of Nursing Interview Questions

  1. According to you what are the most significant attributes needed to be a successful director of nursing?
  2. Share with us your previous experience as a director of nursing in your earlier stint.
  3. What is the salary package that you expect from this job?
  4. Do you mind talking a bit about your resume?
  5. As a director, what steps will you take to ensure the work flow in the entity doesn’t encounter any abnormal stoppage?
  6. Narrate an instance where your previous experience as a director of nursing helped you come out of an adverse situation?
  7. What chain of command generally do you follow to issue orders to you junior level of nursing staff?
  8. What will you do where one of the nurses approaches with a complaint of sexual harassment by a doctor?
  9. Give us an instance where you had a bitter episode in your previous job?

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