Document Controller Interview Questions

Document controller interview questions are widely executed to interview the candidates, who are willing to participate in the document controller’s job interview session. In such a screening procedure, professional ability, knowledge of handling multiple tasks, personal traits and education level are evaluated to select the best candidate.

Sample Document Controller Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about your previous work experience? Why did you resign from your previous organization?
  • Define the major job duties and responsibilities of a document controller?
  • Explain the standard rules followed by a document controller to initiate and accomplish the procedure on the regular basis.
  • What types of documents are there in a particular project? What is the official procedure of registering and uploading & updating the diverse documents?
  • Can you explain the document numbering & bulleting policy? What is the importance of this strategy?
  • Are you aware about the programming procedure of retrieving lost documents? Mention the name of recently introduced techniques including document tools.
  • Distinguish the registering of internal and external documents.
  • How do you control the flow of documents for incoming and outgoing projects?
  • Explain the technique of managing electronic and hard copies of technical project documents.
  • How do you review the progress writing and drawing of internal and external documents?
  • What is the difference between submittals and transmittals? Explain the procedure of sending drawing transmittals.
  • Do you think obtaining a backup of documents is a good idea?
  • Explain the necessary process of updating and rewriting the project documents.
  • According to you, why should we hire you for this vacancy?

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