Dot Net Certification Interview Questions

The completion of dot net certification program will help you work as a programmer along with getting to know the procedures to develop software programs that help in the interaction activities. The various aspects included in the dot net certification program are user interface, data connectivity, cryptography, web application development and many more web related programs. An interview in dot net certification will bring about openness on the technical know how of the certified professional on the technical modules mentioned above.

Sample Dot Net Certification Interview Questions

  • Why have you taken up dot net certification?
  • What do you understand by dot net?
  • Have you acquired the practical knowledge to work in a dot net atmosphere from this certification program?
  • Do you possess any other certification other than this dot net certification?
  • What are of dot net was most interesting to you?
  • Is it possible to inherit a static variable and a static member?
  • What are the various methods that can be used to access the static variable?
  • What will you do to create a thread in dot net? Explain with namespace that you will make use of/
  • What is the process to create an event with specific reference to custom events?
  • What do you understand by refection?
  • How will you reload a dynamic assembly?
  • What are the various steps involved to inherit a static variable?
  • What is the difference between static function and static class?
  • What is a static member?
  • Do you have any suggestions to make to improve this dot net certification program?

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