Ecologist Interview Questions

Ecologist is the person who deals with ecology and environmental factors. They are responsible for researching on the environment, ecology and the factors that is affecting it like industrialization, pollution, rainfall, etc by using mathematical and scientific models. Therefore, Ecologist Interview questions should be designed in a way so that the best suitable candidate gets selected.

Sample Ecologist Interview Questions

  1. Tell the simple definition of ecosystem according to you. Tell something which is not in the dictionary.
  2. What made your affinity strong in this field?
  3. Define ammensalism? How will you relate it with harmonious ecological interaction?
  4. What is sustainable ecology according to you? What are the methods you would suggest others for gaining a sustainable ecology?
  5. Utilization of various forms of energy is one of the important aspects of ecology. How will you implement your ideas in maximizing non-renewable energy?
  6. What is the meaning of pollution according to your dictionary? Would point your fingers towards humans only for the cause of pollution? If No who else do you think is responsible for it as well and how?
  7. What is intra specific competition? Give a strong example in favor of it.
  8. According to research it has been found that aquatic life is mostly neglected. People hardly make any new innovation to improve the marine ecology. Have you ever thought of it? Do you have any plans to improve the quality of marine ecology?
  9. If you are asked to work on an onsite project along with few other junior ecologist. Do you think you can supervise their work?

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