Education Interview Questions

Education interview questions can cover a wide range of topics including questions about teaching and organizational skills, about discipline issues, lesson plans, teaching experiences etc.  They are designed to assess your personality as well as teaching ability, so it is important to prepare well to tackle all types of questions.

Education interview questions will include questions on career goals, subject-knowledge, clarity of thought and speech, your researching abilities, your attitudes and personality traits.  As teachers are expected to be role-models, the requirements in terms of both educational credentials as well as personal qualities are high.

While answering education interview questions, give your responses in a matured, calm and composed manner.  Make sure to bring out positive aspects even when you have to talk about your weaknesses or while quoting incidents when you have not been able to meet the desired requirements.  Positive attitude is very important; make sure it comes across in your responses.

It is also important to give sincere and honest answers as these are the top qualities that the interviewers wish to see in the prospective employees.

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