Effective Job Interview Questions

  1. What made you to join this field as you are too educated to join this position?
  2. Tell something about your institutional qualifications and experiences from last job?
  3. How do you integrate your team to work together to achieve assigned targets?
  4. What strategies do you follow to improve your team’s performance to increase outcome?
  5. Do you think you have the potential to achieve goals and ability the cope with critical complaints?
  6. What is your definition of an ideal job and working environment?
  7. What will you do when you are packing up in evening and suddenly get a call that you have been assigned a new work for which you have to wait to get hard copy of assignment? How will you handle this situation?
  8. Would you like to mention any reward or achievement, you been awarded in your previous work culture?
  9. Can you assure us your regularity and honesty to keep secrets of company?
  10. Hope the office timings, salary and company policies are suitable to you? If any question, you can clear your doubts?

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