Electrical Engineering Technical Interview Questions

  1. Give an overview of your resume?
  2. Name the Institutions and University from which have you completed your Masters in Electrical Engineering?
  3. Do you have any technical experience of working on Electrical goods?
  4. Why Electrical Engineering is an important branch of engineering? Why have you chosen your career in this field?
  5. What do you understand by resonance? Which are the factors involved in resonance?
  6. Describe the range of static 3 conductors in Electrical Engineering? What is pure captive load? Why would you use this load instead of pure inductive load?
  7. Explain phase advances? Why this term in used in Electrical Engineering?
  8. What is the meaning of term”Neutral”? How is it different from “earth”? Explain the advantages of earth as well?
  9. Explain core board circuit protection? How is it different from neutral circuit board?

10. What are your salary expectations?

11. If you are being selected, when would you like to join us?

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