Electrical Technical Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about your background?
  2. What are your technical qualifications in the Electrical Field?
  3. How do you rate your Electrical Technical Experience? With how many organizations have you worked with?
  4. Give the formula to measure the earth resistance of circuit? What should be its exact values?
  5. Explain the first zone of protection? Why does it relay between 90% not 100%?
  6. If you are detecting AC transmission lines and some short circuit has occurred between the two lines? How will you determine the short circuit and which steps will you take to replace the line?
  7. How do you calculate a core loss in a transformer?
  8. Discuss the function of potential transformer?
  9. Differentiate between concentrated winding and distributed winding?
  10. What are the different application on nanotech are there in the field of Electrical Engineering?
  11. Are you aware about the terms and conditions applied on offered job profile?
  12. Do you have any question to ask?

13. When would you like to join us?

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