EMC Certification Interview Questions

EMC Certification Interview Questions are the set of questions which are asked from all those people who are at the final stage of course work which will lead them to become EMC Certified experts. These questions must be strictly related to the topic and should be of a medium difficulty level. An EMC Certified expert is a person who has successfully completed a certification course in EMC and is hired by companies to work on EMC and related topics.

Sample EMC Certification Interview Questions:

  • Hi, would you like to tell us something about yourself on a general level?
  • So it seems like you did your graduation in History. Do you think that the changing of the subject and field has proved to be useful for you in anyway?
  • What are your future aims and objectives?
  • What are the main responsibilities of an EMC according to you?
  • Why do you think would a company hire you on this certification?
  • How do you troubleshoot a query?
  • How do you check if the given number is a power of two by using a minimum amount of code?
  • How can you construct a dynamic disc back to basic disk?
  • Can you give us a suggestion to a company to develop new market for products?
  • So what is the kind of expectation that you have from a company as far as pay scale in concerned
  • Do you have something more to add before wrapping up the interview?

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