Employer Second Interview Questions

  1. What were your first thoughts when you were invited for a second interview?
  2. Why do you think most of candidates believe they have greater chances of selection whenever they are called for the second round of interview?
  3. You had been on time during the first interview. How come today you are late for the second interview?
  4. Tell us briefly how would you prefer your salary structure to be?
  5. You have a pregnant wife. So how are you going to manage the frequent travelling that you have to undertake?
  6. Within how many days at the earliest can you join our company?
  7. What do you plan to do if you aren’t selected after the second interview?
  8. You must have applied elsewhere during the gap of your first and second interview. What made you come for this interview?
  9. We are ready to offer you with 15 days paid leave per year. What do you have to say about it?
  10. Is there anything that you would like to add?

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