Entry Level Accounting Interview Questions

Entry level accounting interview questions are specially outlined to interview the fresher and the new comers, who are equipped with the required accounting skills and educational qualifications. Such set of questions are used to screen a candidate’s professional qualities, ability to handle the diverse accounting procedures and knowledge of maintaining important documents.

Sample Entry Level Accounting Interview Questions:

  • Why have you chosen accountancy as a career?  Do you have some practical knowledge of this field?
  • Explain the accountancy standards and procedures? Mention the major job functions of this job position in the accounts department.
  • Explain the term: ledger book, tax implication, super profit and cost reduction?
  • Define the term: invoice? Distinguish between an invoice and a bill.
  • Explain the main attributes of an invoice? Do you have knowledge of preparing an invoice?
  • What is an account book? Differentiate between an account book and a ledger book?
  • According to you, which one is a better for earning profits: sales tax or VAT tax?
  • Have you ever handled a serious invoice issue? If no, tell us how would you deal with such a situation in the future?
  • State the importance of accounts audit in accounting department.
  • As per your point of view, how does effective communication play a vital role to prepare and maintain the accurate accounting records?
  • How do you differentiate between expenditure and expenses?
  • Name the accountancy software you are familiar with?
  • How many invoices and billings you can handle monthly? Tell us about the desired work load.
  • Do you think you can deliver the assigned work within the deadlines?
  • Why should we hire you?

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