Entry Level Bank Interview Questions

An entry level bank interview questions are the questions asked to an individual who is sitting for an interview for the position of an entry level banker. The questions asked in the interview should help to analyze the understanding of the individual regarding the banking process and also understand his extent of knowledge in the field of banking as he joining from the entry level and most of the times such individuals are fresher.

  1. Tell us something about yourself.
  2. Tell us something about your family.
  3. Have you ever worked in the field of banking prior to this?
  4. Why are you interested to make your career in the banking sector?
  5. Is there any sector that you have worked in or aspire to work in?
  6. What is the full form of RBI and what do you know about the rules and regulation of RBI?
  7. What is NABARD and what does it stand for?
  8. What according to you is the difference between nationalized banks and private banks?
  9. Name any five nationalized banks?
  10. Name any five private banks?
  11. Do you have any idea about investment banking?
  12. What do you know about the job responsibilities of an entry level banker?
  13. How good do you think are your communication skills?
  14. What do you feel are your advantages?
  15. What do you feel are your disadvantages?
  16. What is the monthly salary that you expect?
  17. Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

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  1. nabanita saikia says:

    plz do mail me in my email how to prepare for bank clerical xam with questios and answers.it will b helpful for me to prepare for my interview.

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