Entry Level Job Interview Questions

  1. Discuss about your educational qualifications and from where you have completed your studies?
  2. Why do you want to join us?
  3. You have done engineering, how will this job suits you? How long you would like to work with us?
  4. Discuss this company profile with us?
  5. Discuss the three qualities of a person to be succeeded in his/ her life and what all are your carrier objectives?
  6. What do you prefer in your carrier job satisfaction, good salary or positive environment?
  7. What is your philosophy regarding success and how do you evaluate it?
  8. How will you tackle stress?
  9. How will you help your colleague to backup in case of loss of information?
  10. Describe the characters that a team leader should possess?
  11. How do you evaluate your ability to handle conflicts?
  12. Are you aware about the terminology and criteria of the offered field?
  13. Do you think you need training to pick up this job?
  14. When you can join us?

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