Environmental Engineer Interview Questions

Environmental engineer interview questions are widely asked to interview the candidates, who are willing to sit for the interview of an environmental engineer.  With these questions, a deserving contender is appointed after measuring his educational level, professional skills and working capabilities.

Sample Environmental Engineer Interview Questions:

  • Discuss your prior working experience. Why did you resign from your previous job? Please give a logical reason.
  • Tell us any three strengths of your candidature. How do you see your resume weakness?
  • As an environmental engineer, please mention your professional job duties and responsibilities you survived in your previous job.
  • Discuss the various biological principles and codes necessary for the human living conditions.
  • What do you understand from super chlorination? Explain advantages and disadvantages.
  • Differentiate between rapid and slow sand filters? Which one is better?
  • Distinguish between COD and BOD.
  • Discuss your role in the green revolution as an environmental engineer.
  • How do you rate your decision making and problem solving skills? Have you ever faced a situation, where you could not understand and resolve an environmental issue?
  • Explain the environmental chemical procedures? Why are these used in the various procedures?
  • Define the terms: water disposal, hazardous waste management and eco- friendly biological conduction.
  • Discuss the dramatic impact of blocked wastage on human health and environmental conditions.
  • What are your objectives to handle an environmental engineering project? Tell us about a time, when you completed some project with hard work and after some time this ended up as a failure one.
  • Kindly explain how do your scientific and engineering skills benefit our organization?

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