Environmental Health Interview Questions

  1. What do you understand from environment? Why should we keep it clean?
  2. Which are the three hot environmental issues in politics? Give your opinion about global warming?
  3. What safety measurements one should take to keep environment clean?
  4. Which are the causes which are spoiling environmental health? How should these issues be controlled?
  5. Do you have any knowledge about environment health duties? How you would you handle environment health awareness program?
  6. Discuss the hazardous effect of infected environment on human health? Name any three diseases that are caused due to dirty air?
  7. Name any four factors which are continuously hurting environment?
  8. Environment health programmes generally need a good communicator who can convey the people about the mission of such programmes. Do you think you have good communicational skills to serve this purpose?
  9. What is your vision about environment health? Do you have patience to regarding environment heath safety?
  10. Why are you so passionate about joining this volunteer program?

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