Equal Opportunity Officer Interview Questions

Equal opportunity officer interview questions are asked to a candidate who is appearing in an interview for this job. The equal opportunity officer is responsible to ensure the fair practice of job allocation in a company, where the recruitment process do not make any discrimination at the grounds of race, sex, color, nationality, religion etc. He needs to conduct in-house surveys to detect such practices and to suggest necessary actions to eliminate such things. The interview questions for this job post should be designed in such a manner so that it helps to assess the needed skill sets and experience of the candidate.

Sample Equal Opportunity Officer Interview Questions

  1. Please tell us about your work experience in this field? Where have you worked earlier and with which work profile?
  2. What are the government guidelines and legislation regarding equal opportunity? Moreover, what penalty a company has to bear if those rules would be violated?
  3. What are the key job responsibilities of an equal opportunity officer?
  4. How can equal opportunity policy be made better and more sensitive towards various cultures and ethnicities?
  5. What are those survey criteria and rules that you follow while conducting the in-house surveys?
  6. During your job in this field, what has been your observation regarding gender discrimination? What are those key problems that a female employee has to face due to this discrimination?
  7. Name those authorities, where the employees can go to register their complaints or grievances regarding discrimination? How we can make the process more efficient?
  8. What is your salary expectation from this job?

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