Factory Packer Interview Questions

Factory packer interview questions are the questions that are designed to interview candidates for an entry level job of factory packer. These questions test the expertise gained in the job by the candidate through his previous work experience and his career goals in the next few years. After conducting the process employers would be able to short list best candidates for the job at hand.

Sample Factory packer interview questions

  • Please tell us about your part time and full time work experiences?
  • Why did you choose the position of a factory packer?
  • In which sectors can factory packers work?
  • Which of these do you prefer – versatility or specialized knowledge?
  • What are the risks involved in packing materials of a factory?
  • Describe any of your previous experiences when you were penalized for losses due to improper packing?
  • Is such penalty justifiable? Why or why not?
  • What materials are commonly used for packing substances or materials in a factory?
  • In any of your previous work, did you have to do overtime but were not paid due to the extra work?
  • What are your career aspirants?
  • What does employment mean for you?
  • Tell us about your family background.
  • Consider a situation where we give you two options – 1. Take general shifts and get paid normally 2. Take night shifts and get paid more than the normal salary. Which of these would you prefer?
  • What is the preferred most of transporting packed chemical substances over long distances?
  • How many years of service would you like to offer to our organization if we select you?

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