Factory Worker Interview Questions

Factory worker interview questions are a programmed set of questions widely asked by the concerned department to the interested candidates, who seek to work as a factory worker. Such an interview committee evaluates the professional behaviour, practical & communicational skills and other necessary skills of all applicants to appoint a deserving candidate

Sample Factory Worker Interview Questions:

  • Mention something about your overall working experience as a factory worker.
  • From which source have you learned about this job position? What is making you so confident about this opening?
  • As a factory worker, what were your major job duties in your previous organization?
  • Do you have full knowledge of company production and testing procedures? In your previous job, what type of working procedures and technical process have you handled?
  • What do you understand from assorting and packaging products?
  • Are you comfortable in working in a team of fifty workers? How do you coordinate and manage in a big team?
  • Name the reports and records you are responsible for preparing. How do you update your senior person with the latest changes?
  • What do you understand from environmental and health care codes? Explain the importance of this term in your profession.
  • Can you operate the production machines and tools? How good are you in fulfilling your routine work targets?
  • Have you ever encountered with an allegation of disobeying your seniors in terms of taking work directions?
  • Are you comfortable working in night shifts?
  • What are your salary expectations? Are you comfortable with our official timings?

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