Faculty Job Interview Questions

  1. Share your experiences and tell us something about associations you have worked with?
  2. Mention the name of you current research? How will you support and manage your current study along with this job?
  3. Name your papers which have been published till now? Mention your online researches and journals to which you have submitted your case studies?
  4. Which journal you are following to publish, in which you prepared innovative papers and case studies?
  5. What all subjects you can teach?
  6. You are well known for working leading educational associations? Why you are interested to work with us?
  7. Explain your philosophy of teaching and how will you integrate the student and other professors in your research?
  8. We have courses in our catalogue; would you like to develop them?
  9. What classes you have taught and which text books you are using to take references?
  10. Do you agree with the institute timings and salary/ perk offered to you?

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