Fashion Job Interview Questions

  1. With how many fashion houses you have worked with? State your designation and job responsibilities as well?
  2. Why you are interested to work with us? Explain?
  3. Are you aware about the latest fashion vocabulary? Do you think you need training to start work with us?
  4. What qualities a manager should posses in front of clientele?
  5. How will you make sales and marketing strategies and policies to promote our brand? How your experience will be beneficial to us?
  6. What are your long term objectives with our company? Differentiate success and career growth?
  7. How will you understand the client’s choice and requirement? Lighten two methods with the correlation of your practice?
  8. Do you think you can coordinate with team to generate good outcome?
  9. How will you handle subordinates with little less IQ level to understand them the designs and work do you want?
  10. Do you have any question regarding organization timings, salary and other facilities? You are free to ask.

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