Fashion Sales Interview Questions

A Fashion Sales Interview questions are the questions that are beneficial to select the best person among the applicants who have applied for the role of fashion sales professional. Every activity of marketing comes down to sales since if sales don’t happen according to the expectations; it means a failure of the marketing activity. Candidates who want to set up a career in fashion sales should possess very good selling skills apart from cheerful attitude, composure, good customer interaction skills, etc.

Sample Fashion Sales Interview questions

  • Please give us a record of your previous sales experience?
  • What has been your biggest achievement in the field of sales till date?
  • Why did you choose sales in the field of fashion and not in any other sector?
  • What attributes in you can make you successful in the field of fashion sales?
  • Which fashion designer’s products did you sell in your previous job?
  • What kind of customer demand was seen for those designs?
  • As sales professional in this field, are you given the flexibility in varying the price to ensure that sales happen?
  • How would you sell a product that has gone out of date and out of fashion?
  • When do you take the decision to induce the customer through discounts?
  • What kind of effect do you experience for various marketing activities taken up by a firm?
  • Which is your dream company?
  • What kind of selling tips would you recommend to young students who want to enter the field of sale?

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