Finance Interview Questions to ask

  1. Tell us something about your Resume?
  2. What are your higher qualifications in Finance sector? How long have you been working in this field of finance?
  3. How do you meet your pending targets against short deadlines? What is your way to justify yourself in case you fail to achieve assigned targets?
  4. Differentiate between nominal money and real money? How do you relate these two terms with each other?
  5. Explain a bondholder, creditor and stockholder?
  6. What is hedger and hedging? Explain the steps for hedging? Give any two differences between hedging and speculator?
  7. Distinguish net worth and EPS? What do you understand from finance? How many types of finances are available?
  8. Explain the type of finance issued for start up? What are the different skills and tricks being used in finance sector to convince customers?
  9. Do you have any question about salary and perks?
  10. When would you like to join us?

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