Finance Interview Questions to Ask?

  1. Please let me know about this organization’s profile?
  2. Explain the job profile? Do you need some extra qualification to apply for this job?
  3. What are the job responsibilities associated with this finance job?
  4. Why this post is vacant for so long? Is it a new position in your company or someone has left this post?
  5. What are the targets to be completed every month? Let me know the work load associated with this job?
  6. What is the salary and perks offered for this job?
  7. What kind of finance products do you have?
  8. If i am selected, do I need to work on customer satisfaction rate? How much business I have to generate from old customers and new customers?
  9. Is it team work or an individual effort job?
  10. From where can I get the inquiries for customer leads?
  11. Is it a field job or sitting job?
  12. Tell me the time and date for interview session?

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