Finance Job Interview Questions

  1. Mention a little about yourself and your hobbies?
  2. Discuss about your academic qualifications. Name the institute from where you have completed your finance education?
  3. What do you know about our company profile? Do you have some reference?
  4. How can your communication skills participate in corporation growth?
  5. Do you know the job responsibilities of a financial expert?
  6. It’s an interstate job? Do you think you can manage yourself with new environment?
  7. How many types of monthly reports are there? Explain the format of monthly report?
  8. Do you have experience of target job? If yes, how do you meet your targets in a shorter time period?
  9. Discuss your responsibilities as an employee towards management?
  10. What are the different trading multiples? Explain each with the help of an example?
  11. Do you mind to sign a bond for five years?
  12. Why should we hire you? What special financial skills will you offer to our organization?
  13. Do you agree with office timings and offered package?

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