Finance Manager Interview Questions

  1. Give a brief introduction about your background?
  2. Why did you leave your previous job? Explain if the company had any issue with you?
  3. How long have you been working as Finance Manager? Name the organizations you have worked with?
  4. What have you learnt from your previous experiences?
  5. As a finance manger, do you think you have the ability to drive a team in long term to generate good revenues and healthy business?
  6. How will you deal with weak subordinates and new employees? What is your method to train them?
  7. What is put call parity? Describe LIBOR?
  8. Name the journals published on finance till date? How many of them have you read?
  9. Give a major difference between purchase and pooling accounting?
  10. Explain any two anti- takeover tactics?
  11. Why should we hire you when we can hire more experienced applicants for this job?
  12. How much salary are you expecting?
  13. If you are selected, when would you like to join us?

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  1. maharaju says:

    this is useful to getting good knowledge. plz forward the Mnc ‘s interview questions F&A

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