Finance Service Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about yourself?
  2. What made you discontented about your previous job? Share the reason behind your resignation?
  3. What are your educational skills in Finance? Name the institution from where have you completed your specialization in Finance sector?
  4. What do you mean by Finance services? How will you familiarize the customers with our products?
  5. What is the current service tax rate in Finance sector?
  6. Explain the private clients and private equity? Which method do you use to calculate company’s asset invested in external projects?
  7. In which conditions a company prefers a debt over equity finance?
  8. Explain the different quality services we provide to our customers?
  9. Which is your biggest weakness which you think you are not able to overcome till now?
  10. Do you agree with offered perks and incentives?
  11. If you have any queries regarding the job profile, then please feel free to get them clear?

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