Financial Analyst Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about yourself?
  2. What are your academic qualifications? Name the institution from where you have done your post graduation?
  3. How do you rate your computer skills?
  4. Why did you resign from your previous job? How long have you been working with your previous organization?
  5. Do you think you’re able to handle the work load of this job? How do you deal with stressful circumstances?
  6. What stimulates you to join this field?
  7. How do you manage the online finance operations and describe the method to prepare a report?
  8. What are the significant profile responsibilities of a finance analyst?
  9. Describe a situation where you did a mistake in an important report and realized it after the submission of report?
  10. Tell us a situation which is the best example for your ability to handle conflicts and issues?
  11. What skills should a financial analyst possess?
  12. If you are selected when would you like to join?

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