First Job Interview Questions

  1. How do your courses and qualification will be beneficial to this organization?
  2. Tell us something about you family background?
  3. Have you taken any training for this interview?
  4. With which company you have worked as trainee and what are the qualities that you have learnt there?
  5. Which quality of the employee contributes most to the growth of his/ her organization?
  6. What is your biggest strength and weakness?
  7. Why do you want to work with our organization? Share your knowledge about this company?
  8. What do you like the most and the least about the career you want to pursue?
  9. How are your communication and educational skills going to help you to get this job?
  10. What are your long term plans and objectives in life?
  11. Why should we hire you when we have experienced candidates for the same position?
  12. What is more important to you: salary or job satisfaction?
  13. Do you think you are goal driven?
  14. You are a fresher? What do you understand from term “management stress”?

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