Flight Attendant Interview Questions

Flight attendant interview questions are used as an effective tool to interview the job seekers for the job position of a flight attendant.  After measuring the overall work experience, professional skills and educational qualifications, a qualified candidate is selected as a flight attendant.

Sample Flight Attendant Interview Questions:

  • Tell us about your work experience as a flight attendant. Why are you interested in working with us?
  • Discuss the various aviation rules and conducts defined for your job position.
  • Mention the routine work responsibilities of a flight attendant.
  • Name the safety equipments and procedures available on the aircraft. How do you demonstrate the functioning of such security tools to the passengers?
  • What safety channels do you ensure after the passengers aboard in the flight?
  • How do you rate your communication skills? How would you help the senior citizen passengers on the plane?
  • How do you ensure all the safety standards before the flight takes off?
  • Tell us your way of serving beverages, food and refreshment to the customers.
  • What sanitation standards and cleanness procedure you would ensure before the passengers get on the flight?
  • How do you groom yourself and get ready for the flight? How do you choose your cosmetic products and accessories to dress yourself?
  • How would you take care of your stuff during travelling? Are you aware about the procedure to get in the accommodation arranged for you during active hours?
  • Have you ever met with an incident, where a restless passenger was moving on the plane when the flight is ready for takeoff? How did you handle this situation?

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