Forensic accountant Interview Questions

Forensic accountant interview questions are uniquely framed by the experts to interview the interested candidates, who are willing to work as a forensic accountant. After completing the interview and thoroughly investigation of education level, professional abilities and experience of each candidate, a deserving candidate is being hired by the organization.

Sample Forensic accountant Interview Questions:

  • Tell us the strengths and weakness of your candidature? Why do you want to join this organization?
  • Define forensic accounting? What are the advantages of such a department?
  • Explain the forensic auditing procedures play a vital role in detecting frauds present in the corporate accounts?
  • Discuss the role of forensic investigating audit in local authorities, business entities and government bodies. State each with an example.
  • What are the different financial processes available in forensic accounting? Mention the essential phases conducted for diagnosing and preventing the accounting mistakes in diverse cases.
  • Explain the method of reviewing operational and financial procedures of an organization?
  • Discuss the general fraud symptoms investigated in a forensic accounting procedure?
  • Distinguish between traditional accounting and forensic accounting process? Give any two limitations of forensic accounting & auditing system?
  • Explain the terms: a fraud exposure survey, focal points and computer fraud auditing? How does computing auditing help in forensic accounting procedures?
  • Discuss the various standards and rules of forensic accounting? What legal sets are introduced by the government to support scientific accounting system?
  • Explain the terms: error prevention, error identification and fraud identification.
  • State the role of a forensic accountant in an internal and external auditing.
  • How many steps are there to complete a forensic accounting and evidence – gathering procedure?

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