Forensic Scientist Interview Questions

Forensic scientist is another term of crime scene investigator who investigates on crime through collection and analysis of the physical evidences obtained. Therefore, a forensic scientist interview questions have to be framed in such a way that it finds out the true worth and skills of a candidate looking for this post.

Sample Forensic Scientist Interview Questions

  1. What is your idea regarding Forensic science?
  2. Do you think your knowledge about forensic science is strong enough to implement it on crime investigation?
  3. Forensic scientist always needs to have a different kind of aptitude towards every crime investigation they are dealing. So do you think you possess such aptitude? If ‘yes’ give an instance of your quality.
  4. While working in this field as a forensic scientist what seems to you most challenging? How do you deal with your most challenging situation?
  5. According to you what skills are essential in this career? Do you think you have those?
  6. What is your approach towards handling stress and adverse situations?
  7. Which division of investigation interest you most- DNA fingerprinting, suicide cases, injuries by sharp and blunt objects, methods and laws of autopsy etc and why?
  8. What interested you in pursuing a career in forensic science?
  9. What is your salary expectation from this job position?
  10. What is the point of satisfaction you feel at this forensic career?
  11. Being a forensic scientist what expectations of yours are yet to get fulfilled or you think all your expectations are already fulfilled?
  12. What do you prefer to do in your free time?

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