Frequently asked Bank Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about your achievements?
  2. What appeals you the most about banking sector?
  3. What is the meaning of term “value” in terms of bank?
  4. Have you ever faced any disagreement with your staff?
  5. Who is more important: a customer or an entrepreneur? How does a bank earn profit from both?
  6. What is transaction and core banking? Give any two advantages of internet banking?
  7. Why NRI banking plays an important role in the growth of a bank organization?
  8. Discuss your customer relationship skills? How do you handle a customer who is highly dissatisfied due to some reason?
  9. What is the current interest rate of our bank on fixed deposit?
  10. How will you handle stressful conditions and pressure in office environment?
  11. What is important to you: good salary or desired designation?
  12. Explain prepayment and default risk?
  13. How do you meet given targets in a shorter time period?
  14. What are your techniques to estimate your team’s performance?

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