Frequently Asked Nursing Interview Questions

  1. Please mention 5 attributes of a good nurse with an idle humanitarian side.
  2. When did you complete the grad?
  3. Are you used to working in a night shift mode of this type of job?
  4. Tell us the reasons why you selected this job.
  5. Give us an instance where your prompt and timely action saved the life of a patient.
  6. How do you plan to put forward your grievances to the higher authorities?
  7. What will you do when you see a very reputed customer of your employer has started to show undue interest in you?
  8. How will you deal with a terminally ill patient?
  9. Tell us the name of 5 medicines that are normally prescribed to a HIV patient.
  10. Give one instance where your memory power helped your previous employer to find a solution to a tricky situation.
  11. Do you wish to say anything else?

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