GIAC Certification Interview Questions

The GIAC certification gives training in information security system. Due to globalization and the increasing network of system across the globe the need to protect system security has become even more essential. Thus the GIAC certification examines the awareness of the candidate in terms of protection the internal security of the systems and knowledge acquired thereof from the training program.

Sample GIAC Certification Interview Questions

  • Why did you choose this course?
  • Do you plan to take up network management?
  • What are you future plans to build a career in information technology sector?
  • Tell us briefly about the modules that have been taught to you in this certification program?
  • Is there ant part of the course that you feel needed more elaborate explanation?
  • How will you clear the password from motherboard CMOS?
  • Give the number of logical drives that can be fit into a physical disk?
  • Give the differences between level 1 cache and level 2 cache?
  • What is MRB and where is it located on the disk?
  • Have you gained experience in hands on testing during this certification program?
  • Have you been exposed to GSE-Malware tasks as part of your GIAC certification program?
  • How does the browser identify the IP address when a domain name is entered? Give one example to explain this concept?
  • What are the uses of wildcards in windows?
  • What do you understand by DNS cache?
  • What are the basic expansion card types?
  • What is a TSR and where are they loaded the most?

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