Good Group Interview Questions

Group interviews are meant to assess the candidate about his abilities to work and perform in a team. These interviews basically analyze the communication skills, and persuasiveness of the applicant. The candidate is also judged for his ability to influence others and at the same time they also see if he is a patient listener. All the candidates get to know about the opinion of others in these interviews. The questions asked by the panel try to evaluate the leadership and delegation, organizational and planning skills and the ability to work and contribute as a team-member by the applicants. Some of the very good group interview questions raised in the group interviews are as follows:

Sample Good Group Interview Questions

  • Introduce yourself to the group and tell us about your educational and professional background?
  • How was your experience interacting with the other group members and how did you share the discussion topic?
  • What was the best thing about the discussion and what all you learnt from this interaction?
  • What are your positive skills and ability which can help you work in the team?
  • Did you feel offensive at any point of time by any of the group member?
  • What new ideas and insight is being given to you by this group discussion and interview?
  • How would you define the group and what all changes you would like to see in the functionality of your group?
  • Was this group discussion helpful or you like preferring personal interviews to it?
  • Why do you think you are the most deserving candidate of this group for the position?

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