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Government interview questions can be quite exhaustive in the aspects they cover as they are seen as a vital step in the selection process.  Emphasis is on behavioral questions, as they are considered a reliable way of gauging a candidate’s future performance based on the past reactions.

Government interview questions cover a wide range of issues, and you can handle them better if you prepare questions touching the following categories: personal, professional skills and abilities, qualifications, work experience, extracurricular activities or hobbies, achievements, career ambition and goals, motivational factors, to name a few.

While preparing for government interview questions, it is very important to take the job description into account.  Many questions are based on the knowledge, skills and abilities required to take on the job profile.  It is helpful to make a list of the skill-sets and qualifications required for the job and then present yourself in the best possible manner to suit the job profile.

It is good to follow the STAR (Situation or task at hand, the action to be taken, and response) approach while answering questions.  Give structured responses and answer in a calm and composed manner.  Quote relevant instances from the past work experience to show yourself in a favorable light.

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