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Group discussion is a mechanism used by an organization to assess the candidate’s character and check if the person’s skills meet their requirement which normally cannot be evaluated in an interview. In this approach, a group of candidates is given a topic or a scenario, given some time to think and asked to discuss about the same amongst themselves for about 15 minutes. It is a personality test for screening candidates as well as testing their potential. This brings out the creativity, initiative, assertiveness, reasoning ability and leadership skills of the candidate.

Usually organizations conduct GDs after the written tests to check on your communication skills, listening skills, non-verbal behavior, and managerial ability. The GD tests your behavior, cooperation and contribution in a group, how you give importance to the viewpoint of other members, and how flexible you are in accepting views contrary to your own.  Knowledge of the subject under discussion and clarity of ideas is also essentially checked. More than your language skills, important only to the effect as to how you get your viewpoints across clearly and fluently, your body language, your gestures and mannerisms reflect your attitude.

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