Gynecology Interview Questions

Gynecology interview questions are the questions asked to a doctor specializing in the field of gynecology and applying for the position of a gynecologist in a medical center. A gynecologist deals with ailments of female patients and if required he may also have to perform surgery on a patient. Thus the question asked in the interview should be to evaluate how much knowledge the gynecologist has regarding the ailments of female patients and also to get the information whether he//she is experienced and skillful enough to perform a surgery.

Sample Gynecology Interview Questions

  • Why did you choose the field of gynecology?
  • From which medical college have finished your degree?
  • Do you have any experience in performing surgery? If yes, what kind of surgery have you done?
  • Suppose there is excess bleeding from the uterus of the patient, what immediate action would you take?
  • Suppose a patient is not having monthly period due to menopause. Should she be worried about vaginal bleeding?
  • According to you, do birth control pills have any side effects?
  • What are the other ways of taking precaution to not get pregnant other than having birth control pills?
  • What is an ovarian cyst? Is it normal to have cyst formation on the ovary?
  • If a woman is going for excess labor pain before the estimated delivery date, do you suggest her to go for a caesarian?
  • What is an ovarian tumor? How does it look like?  What would you do to cure ovarian tumor?

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