Health Insurance Interview Questions

  1. Give your brief introduction and tell us something about your background?
  2. Do you know why health insurance is necessary?
  3. What kind of health insurance do you want? Do you know the difference between personal health insurance and family health insurance?
  4. Do you have any other health insurance? If yes, what kind of insurance do you own and how much are you paying monthly?
  5. What is your monthly income? Are you working or doing some business?
  6. How much insurance premium can you pay? For how long you want to continue with the policy?
  7. Can you tell me the renewal amount would you like to pay? Do you want to pay this amount monthly or annually?
  8. Would you like to avail extra schemes with health insurance policy by paying a little extra amount?
  9. Which insurance policy would you like to choose: accidental or general health insurance?
  10. Tell us the time to visit you regarding application submission and to collect principal amount to issue health insurance policy?

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