Health Promotion Interview Questions

  1. Let us know about your resume and till date work exposure?
  2. Why do you want to work with us? What is the motivation behind your spirit?
  3. How experienced are you in health promotions? With how many associations have you worked on Health Promotions? Mention the name of institutions?
  4. Are you aware about the responsibilities of a health promotion campaign?
  5. How many health promotions have you done till date?
  6. Discuss the different essentials for health care? Why people should be aware about their health?
  7. How come health promotions are helpful in reducing devastating effects of dangerous diseases?
  8. How do you plan a health promotion? What techniques do you use to calculate financial budget to organize promotion?
  9. Do you think your communication skills are effective to convince people about Health promotion?
  10. How do you appoint a volunteer for health promotion? What qualities would you see to choose an eligible volunteer?
  11. Do you mind to sign a bond with us for two years?

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