Hibernate Interview Questions

  1. What is the configuration normally resorted to configure Hibernate?
  2. What do you understand by Data Transfer Objects (DTOs)?
  3. Can you tell us 3 basic advantages and disadvantages of (DTOs)?
  4. Tell us how is the distinction made by a Hibernate between the detached objects and transient?
  5. What are considered to be the best ways to define the Hibernate persistent classes?
  6. Briefly tell the difference between the session.load() method and session.get() method ?
  7. What procedure will you resort to for reattaching the detached objects to a particular session when you find the same object being loaded into the session?
  8. What do you mean by version checking in the Hibernate?
  9. Can you tell what advantage Hibernate has over the jdbc?
  10. Tell us with example about filter in Hibernate.
  11. Please tell us the difference between iterate () and list () in Hibernate?
  12. How much experience do you have working in this job profile?

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