High School Interview Questions

  1. Which is your favourite subject and name your favourite teacher?
  2. Which is your favourite game and when did you participate last time in interschool competition?
  3. Why do you want to join this school? Mention single reason?
  4. Which profession you like the most?
  5. Mention any major obstacle you recently faced?
  6. Tell us something about your last school and your experience with that school?
  7. If one day, you are sent to moon which thing you think is the best to bring back on earth?
  8. Which is your favourite movie and hero?
  9. How many friends do you have and what adjective you would like to use about your friends?
  10. If by mistake, you have science paper and you have prepared for mathematics examination then how would you deal with this situation?
  11. Do you have any doubtful record with your previous school due to misconduct?
  12. How would you treat the cheats when you already aware about the facts?
  13. Would you like to ask any question?

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