Home Health Aide Interview Questions

Home health aide interview questions are the questions asked to a person who is sitting for an interview for the post of a home health aide. The questions asked in this interview must be arranged in way that brings out the candidate’s knowledge about this field and also his ability to handle problems in this profession. A home health aide must have presence of mind, a friendly personality and must be able to empathize with his clients.

Sample Home Health Aide Interview Questions

  • Can you please tell us something about yourself?
  • What are your educational qualifications?
  • Have you worked as a home health aide before?
  • How many years of experience do you have as a home health aide?
  • What is it about this field that made you choose this as a career option?
  • Why do you think you are the right candidate for this job?
  • If your client falls down and there is no one else at home, what would you do in such a situation?
  • If your client is not cooperating with you, how would deal with him?
  • How would you behave in a situation where you are under pressure or what is your idea of dealing with stress?
  • What would your behaviour be with the other members of your client’s family?
  • Have you ever been suspended from your job?
  • Have you received appreciation for your work and if yes, would you like to tell us something about the case?
  • What are your future plans, professionally speaking?

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