Horticulturist Interview Questions

A horticulturist has several responsibilities to perform like experiments and research to resolve methods of reproduction. He is engaged in producing and transport of fruits, berries, bushes. He also conducts tests for processing and storing of  vegetables, nuts, flowers, and trees along with tests to enlarge new or enhanced varieties having superior yield, superiority, food value, immunity to disease, or adaptableness to climates, uses, soils,  or procedures. Therefore Horticulturist interview questions are just a way to check a candidate’s true abilities.

Sample Horticulturist Interview Questions

  1. Give us a brief idea of your educational background and your special interests in it.
  2. What sort of experience do you possess that you think that shall help you in this job?
  3. What do you think are the disadvantages of this job? Why?
  4. Give an example of your past job where you provided a miraculous solution to a difficult problem related to your job?
  5. What was the reason for quitting your previous job?
  6. How do you think shall this job be better than the previous job of yours?
  7. Why did you choose this particular career? What are your goals with respect to your career?
  8. What kind of a salary do you wish to acquire?
  9. What prospects besides money are important to you in a job like this?
  10. According to you which factor is more important – Yield or resistance to a fatal disease?
  11. What was the last experiment that you have conducted in your past job? Was it successful?

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