Hotel Job Interview Questions

  1. What do you know about hotel management?
  2. Tell us something about your qualifications?
  3. Why do you want to quit your organization and join this hotel industry?
  4. From which foundation you have completed your hotel management course? Why this option is essential to work in hotel industry?
  5. How will you greet a customer entering in hotel lobby? How you will attend a customer over phone when you are operating under pressure?
  6. Why an unsatisfied customer is important to handle with care and politeness?
  7. Describe the method to serve wine and food?
  8. Can you work over time in peak season? Do you mind to attend night shifts?
  9. What is the technique to plan menu cards? What items are involved in cold beverage section?
  10. If we select you when you would you like to join?
  11. How do you introduce yourself with high society clients?
  12. Why lobby candidates should look well groomed?
  13. What if you fail to give your best to meet requirements?

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