How to answer accounting interview questions

Accounting interview questions are asked during an interview for jobs related to the field of accounting. The candidate applying for such a post is expected to have good analytical skills, must be organised and the candidate must answer the questions which portray these qualities to the employer along with his knowledge about the subject.

  • The candidate should showcase his past work experience where he developed accounting principles, rules and practices and how he guaranteed correct and timely financial statements and reporting.
  • The interviewer may want to know if the candidate has the right skills and aptitude for the post, so the candidate needs to show his basic understanding of accounting activities, organisational ability and refer to his knack of meeting deadlines.
  • Knowledge of different accounting applications is needed and the candidate can give a description of the various application packages he has worked with and what steps he took to apply them for the adaptation and integration of the accounting system.
  • The candidate should use his past experience from his previous jobs to show how he has examined accounting processes to create more efficient procedures with the resources he has and thereby has produced accurate and quality results.
  • The interviewee must be aware of different merits and demerits of the different accounting systems and can tell the interviewer how the different systems have simplified specific accounting processes and helped him meet business requirements by showing his familiarity with the packages and their differences in cost, intricacies and functionality.
  • The candidate must be familiar with the challenges faced by those working in the accounting field and regarding this he can mention how the roles of accountants are getting expanded. In addition to financial management, accountants must also have good management and consulting skills and create flexible accounting systems.

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